Artist Biography

Christy Lou is a surface pattern designer and illustrator creating feel-good and meaningful artwork. She lives with her husband and daughter in Bayside, Melbourne and she aims to brighten up the world with her fun, colourful art.

From the time she could first pick up a pencil she has loved being an artist. She was always compelled to draw and paint as a kid and knew early on that she had to pursue a creative career. She is fully content when in the zone creating art, hours can go by without her even noticing. This is her happy place.

She loves creating uplifting, attention grabbing artwork based on what she sees around her. She is constantly taking photos and using these as inspiration for her artwork. Her daily walks have been known to take longer than planned as she stops so many times to photograph things along the way. She also taps into fond memories that she has, many of these from her childhood.

She recently won a tough battle with breast cancer, which saw her moving away from her successful graphic design business of 16 years and focusing more on her true passion of surface pattern design and illustration. Living close to nature and the sea in Bayside, her recovery from breast cancer has been fuelled by the natural beauty surrounding her and a desire to express her gratitude by creating beautiful art and sharing it with the world. She started Christy Lou Art just after she was diagnosed and hasn't looked back. It fills her with joy seeing her artwork on fabric, products, on walls in peoples homes, as well as on greeting cards and in children's story books.

When she’s not creating art you can find her hanging out with her entertaining husband and beloved daughter, walking on the beach, watching the sunset, taking photos, writing lists, obsessing over sunflowers and spending time with family and friends.