Dads Book

I have known Heather since 2012 and I’ve always loved her kind, caring and spiritual nature. When she asked me to collaborate on her book I jumped at the chance. Observing the role of parents, Heather felt that the conversation about fathers would be enhanced by a simple picture book to begin the conversation.

Aimed at children aged 0-6 years old. ‘Dads’ is a simple yet very special story that celebrates the special role of dads.

In our fast paced world many parents find themselves struggling to find quiet time to spend with their young children. This picture book enables the role of fathers to be explored in a fun, simple way and is an ideal one on one bedtime story book. The illustrations guide the discussion and can be also used in a myriad of ways by families and early years educators. Originally a poem penned during a pandemic it has universal appeal.

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