My Magic Rainbow Book

Mandy Sullivan and I have known each other our whole lives. Later in life, after supporting each other through hardships (me fighting breast cancer and Mandy losing her parents in a car accident) we decided to combine Mandy’s education background in student wellbeing with my artistic talents. Together we aim to help support children and their families with healing stories, using the tools that have helped us empower and nurture our own children.

Aimed at children aged 3-9 years old, My Magic Rainbow Book is packed full of mindfulness tools that can help build confidence and ease anxiety. 

Join Beth the butterfly and Dan the dragonfly as they treat children to a magical journey, teaching them how to visualise the majestic colours in rainbows and how to direct the colours to specific parts of their bodies. Each colour performs a different task to help ease anxiety and provide inner strength. They’ll show you how to try new things when you are feeling nervous, feel loved even if loved ones can’t be with you, to be creative, to cope with the unkindness of others and even how to get some energy when it is chore time! Children can then take Beth and Dan’s lessons out into the world, equipping them with a powerful visualisation tool and making their world more magical.

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