Soxy Beast - The Floaties

This sock is called ‘The Floaties’ and it is the third sock that I have designed for Soxy Beast. ​​​​​​​​

Soxy Beast collaborate with Australian artists on bold sock designs and deliver them to their subscribers every month, before they are available for the public to purchase. Every one of their patterns has been specially designed by collaborating artists (like me) for their socks. They are literally the most unique socks available anywhere with individual artist’s techniques delivering bold, exciting patterns that showcase their incredible talent!

Soxy Beasts’ decades of experience have helped them craft the perfect blend of high quality combed cotton and Lycra to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit that wears exceptionally well! The trick is in the yarn thread count and the state of the art knitting machines that they use.

If you’re after long-lasting, high quality, comfortable socks delivered right to your door… you know what you need to do!

Add some fun and a bit more colour to your life with these funky pool floatie socks. Designed by me and supporting the charity ‘St Kilda Mums’ at the same time.
Here is the link to purchase